Essentials of Success

First of all, welcome to the Executive Online Masters Program in Hospitality and Tourism Management. We sincerely thank you and appreciate your interest in this program for executives in the hospitality and tourism industry and we want you to succeed in this endeavor. Here are some ideas to consider as you embark on this journey to help you achieve success in the online learning environment.

1) Time commitment. Remember the days when you went to college and worked at the same time? You have to be prepared to do that once more for a full year. You will have to make time during your work week for study time, which means that you will have to view the lectures, complete readings, and finish homework assignments each week. Your current job in the hospitality and tourism industry keeps you busy, as it is, so you will be committing yourself to the equivalent of an additional part time job. How you manage your time will be a major part of successful online learning. Of course, you will be rewarded with gaining new knowledge and earning a Master of Science Degree.

2) Flexibility with responsibility. The advantage of online classes are that you can study when you want to and where you want to. However, with this flexibility comes great responsibility. Your job requires you to be at work regularly and on-time and the same applies for online study. You have to keep up with the lectures regularly and be on-time with your homework assignments.

3) Online study is empowering. Many hospitality organizations practice employee empowerment, where employees are given responsibility and freedom to serve the needs of guests, the best way they know. Most people like that fact that a supervisor is not looking over their shoulders. In an online study program, you have to motivate and set goals for yourself without the physical presence of a teacher.

4) Focus and tenacity. You have to be really focused during your study time so you need be able to avoid all the distractions that come with learning away from a traditional classroom environment. And this online program is more like a long distance race, where you must have the will to keep going despite what is happening at work or at home.

5) Communications. You must stay in constant contact with your teachers and most of your interactions will be in the form of written communications. Your need to have excellent reading comprehension skills to understand the material and to complete the homework and research assignments.

6) You will work hard. Online classes are as demanding as on campus classes and the condensed nature of this program, which will earn you a Masters Degree in one year, will require you to work very hard. This is an intensive program and we have high expectations of performance from all our students.