Listed below are quotes of what a sample of members of class of 2015 said about the Program

“The Executive Online Masters Program was more than what I expected. This program not only challenged me but strengthened my confidence level as a manager. I really appreciated the professor’s involvement with the students because it took away the fear of not getting the one on one treatment that you would receive being physically in the classroom. The professors provided the students with detailed podcast lectures and were very helpful throughout the quick mini-semesters. I learned so much and gained much knowledge to help me redirect my career path and really challenge myself to what I love which is training. It is a lot to jam in one year but it is so worth it. The degree allowed me to continue to work and have a personal life.” Ashlee Nickerson, Child Nutrition Supervisor

“This last year has been an amazing educational experience for me. The professors were all awesome! The knowledge and functional know how that I have taken from this program is immeasurable. I would have liked a bit more narrated lecturing from some of the professors but overall it was great! I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me!” Ashwin Vilkhu, Owner, Saffron nola Restaurant & Catering

“I was slightly concerned about the work load and expectation when I reviewed the program but, I refused to be scared away from my dreams. Needless to say, I could not think of a better place to set out and reach my goals. I began the journey and am excited about all of the information I have retained. The hard times helped me grow, the challenging assignments forced me to learn, and the experience is filled with moments of fulfillment.” Brandy Richardson, Operations Manager, Morial Convention Center

“This was a great program. Very fast paced but provided knowledgeable information about the most important things within the hospitality and tourism business. I believe it gives the student everything they need to know to run their own business within this growing industry. This class focuses on every major aspect of the industry and requires the student to focus, analyze, and evaluate on what is happening today in this industry.” Janell Mascair, Controller at the Holiday Inn Express

"Being an executive online masters program I believe the pace of study and flexibility of the program fit perfectly into my work schedule. The work load for each course was appropriate for the shortened semesters and enabled me to grasp the concepts being presented. Feedback from each instructor was timely and I feel each instructor made themselves available to me at all times.
I would also like to mention dealing with UNO staff was a pleasure. Each person I interacted with was seamless and they went above and beyond assisting me with financial aid, student ID cards and anything I had questions with."
William M. Hobbs, General Manager Inn at Key West, a Noble House Hotel

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